May 8, 2020 | by Ioana Popa

How to pack school lunch for your children?

When it comes to our children, we want to give them the best, especially when we talk about food. We all know how important quality nutrients are in the development stage, but sometimes it’s hard to put information into action. The school lunch has always been a hot topic. Besides the nutritional value, there are other factors we have to consider, like: the perishability of the food we offer, the packing and transporting and also, hope for the best that the food will end up eaten and not abandoned on school grounds.

Here are five basic rules to guide any super parent in creating the perfect lunchbox:

1. Keep it simple! Don’t get caught up in amuse-bouches and souffles. Children need to be able to identify the food they are eating. You should even consider separating food elements from one another by using those special lunch box containers. So, the simpler the better!

2. Make sure you include nutrient dense foods:
• Fruits: a portion of seasonal fruits.
• Vegetables: make sure you include vegetables even if they don’t eat it all the time, so you encourage your kid to do so.
• A source of protein: lean meat, fish, hard boiled egg, or the vegetarian options: peanut butter or nut paste, legume spread (eg. hummus with reduced fat or oil).
• A source of dairy food such as: a slice of cheese, milk or yogurt.
• A source of whole grain starchy food: bread, flat bread or crackers.

3. Minimise processed foods:
• Go for fresh, whole fruit not juices or canned fruit.
• Limit sauces and store bought dressings such as mayonnaise, ketchup, ranch dressing and others.
• Use less dely products that are highly processed like hot-dogs, sausages, salami, bologna and others.
• Limit processed cheese, including cheese spreads and flavored yogurts.
• Choose whole grain products rather than refined ones and pastries.
• Don’t make a habit out of including sweet treats in your kid’s lunch box.

4. Make the food attractive! Whoever invented the phrase “eating with our eyes”, knew what they were talking about. You don’t have get all Van Gogh on your kids lunch, but remember the visual is a very important factor. A colorful package, a smiley face or a star shaped sandwich can go a long way.

5. Water - hydration is important! Water shouldn’t be substituted with any other drink. If your child doesn’t have access to drinking water at school, you should make sure you pack it from home. Calories that come from sodas, fresh fruit juices and sweetened teas, can have a negative impact on your body weight.

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