We encourages young people to become leaders of a generation focused on health, happiness and humanity - Generation H.

School of Health helps teens to be more informed about their eating choices and patterns so they could prevent unhealthy habits.

The world needs YOU to teach them how to live a balanced life.

We provide the resources you need to eat healthy and stay happy thus inspiring others to do the same.

Learning becomes fun when it’s about things that are good for you.

Something as fundamental as nutrition should not be too complex that’s why we keep it simple and fun.

Be part of a better generation, build a stronger future together.

The long-term effects of a mindful lifestyle will impact the whole community.

Our Approach

Offers an up-to-date snapshot of a family member's recent physical activity and accomplished goals.

We know that words like “nutrition” or “framework” may seem tedious and boring, that’s why our main concern is to make things fun and easy to stick to.


Engage in dynamic and competitive activities with your colleagues

Fun Study

Interactive materials that make you want to learn more

Be a Leader

Inspire others to follow in your footsteps


Learn how to stay away from negative habits

Why school of health

Growing up you are mostly being taught about how to prepare for your professional future. Your personal development and wellbeing principles are barely included in any school curriculum. This initiative will help you eat well, exercise regularly while finding your emotional balance.

  • 1 out of 3 European Children between the ages of 6-18 are either overweight or obese

  • No classes on nutrition, mindfulness.

  • Physical Education in schools is outdated

  • Personal Development is neglected

  • The path to a Healthy City starts here

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Meet Our Team


Sveatoslav Vizitiu

CEO, Co-Founder


Dumitru Petreus

CTO, Co-Founder


Bogdan Radulescu



Simona Tivadar

Doctor in diabetes, nutrition and metabolism diseases


Iulia Hădărean

Nutrition Expert


Ioana Popa

Nutrition Expert


Adrian Bejenaru

Games Expert

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