January 31, 2020 | by Iulia Hadarean

Nutrition tips for an efficient skincare

Everybody knows how important nutrition is for our health. An unhealthy diet can cause damage to our metabolism, our weight, our organs, and even our skin.

Taking care of your skin is really an inside job. You can’t overcome a bad diet with expensive creams and lotions. The skin is a dynamic organ made by 50 trillion cells that are all-together influenced by the food you eat and the amount of water you drink. We are just cellular energy and we need to feed and nourish the cells in our body, not only on our face.

• Drink enough water

Skin needs moisture to stay flexible and to avoid dehydration that could cause damage toyour skin. You will need to drink about 30ml per kilogram of body weight. Water is thebest source for hydration but don’t forget about fruits and vegetables that also have a highcontent of water (watermelon and cucumbers have a lot of water and minerals). Coffeeand herbal tea are also a good idea. Try to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, asboth of them can dehydrate and age your skin.

• Focus on Zinc

Did you know that Zinc is an important mineral for the normal functioning of thesebaceous glands? They produce oils and help skin damage, maintaining the skin reallysoft. A lack of this mineral could negatively influence your skin. Zinc-rich foods youshould be focusing on: fish, lean red meat, whole grain, poultry, nuts, seeds and shellfish.

• Healthy fats

Mentioning the fish, this brings me back to another component that is really important: .Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats – the types of healthy fats that are found inoily fish, avocado, nuts and seeds play an important role as a natural moisturiser for yourskin, keeping it supple and improving elasticity. These healthy fats come with a dose ofVitamin E, which will help protect against free radical damage (pollution).

• Vitamins and minerals are your allies

These are the ones that support the wellbeing of the skin:
Vitamin A: important in the development of the tissues
Vitamin B12: vital for protecting of the DNA (slows down aging)
Vitamin C: helps creating collagen in the dermis
Vitamin D: anti-aging vitamin formed by the action of sunlight combined with the skin's cholesterol
Magnesium: balances the electrolytes and is essential for hydration
Iron: essential for transporting the oxygen to the skin cells
Copper: essential part of collagen synthesis

Tell us what are your struggles when it comes to the skincare routine by using the comment section below!

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