We create happy and healthy families
by teaching children to love nutrition

Our AI platform aspires to be a virtual companion for parents and children alike, providing accurate nutritional information

Nothing is impossible
if you’re having fun

Wello creates social engagement through games and makes nutrition easy for everyone

You are not alone

Families will benefit from Wello’s curated advice from specialists and artificial intelligence based on their needs

Live a better, happier
and longer life together

Wello is an artificial intelligence platform in nutrition for overweight kids who can change the way families understand and relate to their health

Personalized Plans

Tailored nutritional diets for children and parents generated through aritficial intelligence algorithms and scientific data.

Social Engagement

Games and interactive content allows families to engage in social challenges related to an active lifestyle.

Encouraging healthy competition

Kids can compete with their friends in accomplishing goals, inspiring each other to get better

Family Tracking

Offers an up-to-date snapshot of a family member’s recent physical activity and accomplished goals


A curated and complete database of reliable scientific information for kids nutrition and a healthy lifestyle

Nutritious Food Map

Restaurant recommendations for healthy food based on user location and their personalized nutrition plan

Encouraging families
to spend more time together

Whether it is about practicing a sport or cooking, a balanced lifestyle needs a happy family to be sustainable

Providing tips &
tricks for parents

By having access to sound nutritional advice, parents can now start putting their kids on the right track

Inspiring children
to be more active

Kids are encouraged to lead a dynamic lifestyle by trying all kinds of sports and activities



our dream team

  • Sveatoslav Vizitiu

    // CEO, Co-Founder //

  • Dumitru Petreus

    // CTO, Co-Founder //

  • Lorena Macnaughtan

    // Advisor //

  • Simona Tivadar

    // Doctor in diabetes, nutrition and metabolism diseases //

  • Iulia Hădărean

    // Nutrition Expert //

  • Ioana Popa

    // Nutrition Expert //

  • Mircea Vadan

    // Product Adviser //

  • Ciprian Pasca

    // Adviser SprintPoint //

  • Teodora Mocian

    // Marketing Executive //

  • Mihaela Savin

    // COO //

  • Both Nicolae

    // Financial manager //

  • Tamas Moroz

    // Art Director //

  • Alina Barsan

    // Database Researcher //

  • Ruxandra Miuti

    // Funding Consultant //

  • Bartha Timea

    // AI Expert //

  • Adrian Bejenaru

    // Games / Mobile Expert //

  • Mihai Haloiu

    // Web Expert //

  • Dorin Simina

    // Mobile Expert //

  • Marius Lupou

    // API Expert //

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